A firefighter who burned his own car for insurance money

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Insurance fraud is out there. There are all types of insurance fraud. I read on the News today about a fire fighter who burned his own car and file for insurance compensation. He was caught in Las Vegas and is facing heavy sentence for fraud. It was even more interesting because he was a fire fighter who was supposed to save people from fire but he burned his own car. It was on the News in Vegas today. A fire fighter who burned his own car. It was a really old wagon. I saw the photo of the burned car on the website and the photo of the fire fighter. He filed for insurance compensation for around $30,000. The general attorney in Las Vegas is pretty upset since this is a problem in Vegas. People do a lot of insurance fraud here. They burned their car and then filed for insurance compensation.

Within the last year, they have stopped $900,000 of fraud insurance cases from being paid out. The court caught on fast and they saved the insurance industry. Fraud happens all the time and it’s not only with cars but also with people’s lives. I’ve seen a lot of stories where people murder their family members or spouse for insurance money. They murder them and try to get the insurance money. I saw a lot of those cases on the court TV. It’s devastating but people will go far for money. I saw a lot of people who murder their spouse for insurance money. It’s out there.

If someone asks you to sign an insurance beneficiary release, you might want to question them to see why they’re doing that. It’s frightening but that’s what going on out there. People are greedy and they want to get their hands on your insurance money. It’s ashamed what our society has become but people are so absorb into money. I was even more shock to see a fire fighter who we call hero burned his own car for insurance money. He created an alibi so that he can get away with it. It’s kind of wrong for people to do that if they are a fire fighter but I guess he didn’t care. This is where you have men in uniforms who will commit crimes.

Awhile back, it was an officer who stalks a few women and then assaulted them. He got arrested finally but that was kind of frightening. Law enforcement knows your home address and it’s scary to have your homes address exposed to them. They might follow you one day. Not all of them will but it’s a possibility if they’re mentally ill. I think that this one particular officer was mentally ill from his previous police training. During the assault he repeats a lot of things that his trainer would say to him, they were a lot of break down messages. The police academy would use mental challenges to train their men and the men are not supposed to be break down over it. They are supposed to stand up to it. Any kind of training like this will make people go mental. Look at Michael Jackson; it turned him into Peter Pan.


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