Travel costs in Asia

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If you’re traveling to Asia, you would love the low cost in some of those countries. The dollar is worth more in some Asian country like Vietnam, China, Thailand, Korean or Japan. The dollar is worth more in those countries but the dollar is worth less in Europe. If you wanted an affordable trip, you can have one in Asia. If you travel to Europe, it might be more expensive but if you travel to Asia you won’t need more than a grand to have the time of your life. This is why many travelers are aiming for Asian country so they could buy things and stay in less expensive hotel for a long time. You would save more money and have a lot of fun too. Asia is really different from Europe. The landscape is different. The culture is different. It’s a unique experience.

Beside the experience, you will love the low price that the city has to offer. For five or ten dollars, you can pay for a hotel night. Isn’t that great? For one or two dollars, you can have an expensive meal at a fine dining place. It doesn’t cost that much in Asia. Most Asian country is very inexpensive. Vietnam is probably one of the cheapest places that you can visit. Hotels are around $10 a night. You can afford that. For $10 a night, you can stay there for a whole month without breaking your $500 limit. Its fun walking around Asia, there is not a lot of restrictions like in the US or in Europe.

There is so much restriction here in the US. For example, you can’t throw trash around in the US. You can throw trash in Asia without getting a ticket.  The city gets dirty because people litter all the time. You can throw it in an alley because there isn’t any trash can around in some part of Asia. People don’t use a lot of trash can in Vietnam. This is why sanitation is very poor in Vietnam. If you drink any water from the river or the beach, you will get very sick.  You get a lot of value when you visit an Asian country. You get to stretch your dollar which is why many young people love traveling to Asia. It’s less expensive than traveling to Europe. If you have several grand, you can have a wonderful time in Asia. The country is lovely and the wild creatures are fascinating too. You get to see natural farmland and wild animals. You don’t get to see these in America. It’s lovely and breathtaking. The architecture is ancient which is even more unique.


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