Your Guide to Promoting Your Online Content

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If you are an online freelance writer, and write content articles for a number of clients, or even run a blog, chances are you need to get your content “out there.” While it is necessary to write the articles to get the job done, you still need to market yourself as an author, to get your articles into the mainstream, so that you can perhaps get leads for other writing jobs, or create a residual income from your articles as well. There are a number of different ways to promote your articles online, and can be very easy to do with the right kinds of tools, and plenty of motivation.

The first thing, to create a name for yourself as an author and freelance writer, is to publish a blog. Having a blog is also a great way to earn some extra income with tools like Google’s Adsense, or even placing ads on your blog too. You can decide whether you would like to update it weekly, daily, or monthly. Although, preferably, at least once a week for updating can get your blog more coverage in the search engines. Include partial portions of your articles in your blog, and then use a link to lead the reader to your article on the web. This is an easy way to get hits to your blog on it’s website. This is especially important, if you get paid residual income from your blog too.

A great place to start to open up a Blog are websites such as or even WordPress. These blogs offer templates and are very easy to get started for those who are novices in the blogging industry. Once you get going, and learn more about the design process, and the run of your blog, you can then start to personalize it more to fit the needs of the subject of your blog.

Next, begin surfing message boards or websites such as Yahoo Answers. Visit websites where other people may be asking questions and need answers. Find message boards that fit your knowledge criteria so that you can link your articles as helpful information to them. Begin by answering somebody’s question, and then offer them a link to one of your articles, or even your blog, so that they can get more information. This is a simple trick, and also a way to help others, without actually spamming them.

Visit the Widget Box website. (see resources). This website offers a little box with links to your current content. Other website owners can use HTML or JAVA code to place on their own websites and display your widgetbox with all of your articles. It is also a great way to get hits to your content. Widgetbox is free and very simple to use.

Last of all, all writers need to get into the habit of Social Networking. Websites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are full of people just waiting to view your content. Find friends who also enjoy writing or share articles, and swap links with them. Add links to your articles in your Facebook and MySpace profile. Put a link to your current article that was just published on Twitter. Get as many friends as possible! Start a writing group on Facebook or MySpace, and let everybody share their articles with one another. Offer each other tips on marketing or improving their articles and writing skills. Offer to “scratch someone else’s back, ” if they offer to “scratch yours.” With just one or two accounts to one of these popular networking sites, you can have plenty of people reading and commenting on your content.

As a content writer who has a passion for creating, and writing-the writing part will be the easiest part of the job. The hard part will mostly involve the marketing and forming a readership to your content. With the power of Internet Marketing, and many useful tools and websites at your fingertips-you can make it possible to create fans and those who will come back over and over again to read your news and information. It just takes some time, plenty of writing, and a dream with passion to make it all possible.


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