How to understand your employer

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When you’re applying for a job, you will be wondering about your future employer. You want to impress them and you want to get the job. What do they want from you? You have read it in many articles before and I think that most articles out there are mostly correct. Employers want the best employees possible. They want someone who can stay with them for a long time and provide them with great work. They are looking for intelligent people who have talent. They are also looking for people with a clean background, good credit, and good work ethics. They are looking for honest people.

If you have ever been an employer before, you will agree with the above opinion. I’ve had my own business several years ago and my opinion is from an employer perspective. I was looking for an employee several years ago and those were the things that I had in mind when I was seeking out an employee. I was afraid that I couldn’t completely trust my employee when I’m not at my work site all the time. I was going to hire someone and let them run my business while I do something else. I searched hard but couldn’t find a lot of people that I could trust. I couldn’t trust all of them with my money or my merchandise. I had trouble finding someone who is trustworthy. I searched around and saw no one. They were very hard to trust. I think that if you were hired as a manager you would succeed more if they can trust you. This is why they would check the manager’s credit but not the regular employees.

A manager handles a lot of money and makes a lot of executive decisions and they want to hire an honest person. I saw my neighbor and I wanted to hire her but she didn’t have time to work for me. She was a young and honest little girl who was under 18 years old. I could hire an underage person for my business but it could be a risk. She lives right next to me and she was innocent and sweet. She was honest and reliable. I figure that if I could trust her I could train her on the rest. I figured that she would be a great employee but she didn’t have time and I never work with her. You saw how I chose my employees. I was looking for someone that I could trust. Trust was the first thing that I was looking for and I was willing to train her on everything else since it’s easy to run my business. She could learn it in a day. It wasn’t hard. I think that is the case with most employers too. They are willing to train the right candidate. You have to keep honesty in mind. If you were a business owner, you would do the same thing.


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