Can’t Find a Job? Try Online Freelance Writing

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With the economy hitting all time lows, jobs being cut, and prices of every day products on the rise, it’s hard to feel any stability at all these days. With the power of the Internet, although, there are still opportunities on the rise that you can do right from the comfort of your home. Perhaps, you are one of the many, who have been laid off-and are looking for work. While there may not be jobs available in your area or only part time temporary jobs, you can still find work on the Internet. The Internet is so full of possibilities, that we can use our current knowledge and put it to use, until something else finally comes our way. Or you might have just found a new passion, and can continue to make enough money to not have to leave home!

With proper research, and taking out all of the potential scams, there are online companies that allow you to write for them from home. If you believe that you don’t have anything to write about-think again! The world offers plenty of subject material to come up with a simple article. Think of your past job experiences. What kind of work did you do? What kinds of steps did it involve? What kind of business did you do? If applicable to you, you could write about the downfall, or how the company may have had to make cuts because of a lagging economy. Also, if you have favorite hobbies, you could write about those-for example-stamp collecting, scrap-booking, fixing cars, or collecting antiques-the list goes on….

Also in your home-you could be a potential product, movie, or book reviewer. Websites are always looking for different varieties of reviewers. Think about the kinds of products that you use at home, and make a list of them. Begin listing details about your opinions and how well you think each product performs. If you have watched or rented a movie, television show, or read a book, compose a review to share with everybody else. Many items in your home, gives plenty of inspiration for article ideas.

Once you have some ideas and inspiration, you can begin writing your articles, and then submitting them. There are many great companies to write for on the Internet. Just be sure, that you never pay any kind of fee for publishers or places for submission. Plenty of online websites, allow you to register for free, create a profile, and then submit work that can be reviewed, offered an upfront fee, and then perhaps published on a company’s website.

Some great companies that you can write for are listed below. Some will offer upfront fees, while others, you build up income each month, and then get paid once a payout reaches ten dollars or more. Then it will offer you residual income month after month.

One great website to apply to write for is Demand Studios. They often hire writers, copy-editors, title-proofers, and people to create videos. Copy-Editors must have editing experience in order to apply. If you have written for anything online, studied writing, or have some experience, you can apply to be a writer. They pay anywhere from five to fifteen dollars for each approved article..

Another idea is to start a blog, and keep it active for at least three months. Begin adding Google Adsense to earn “clicks.” Whenever anybody who reads your blogs, click on the ads provided, you earn money for their clicks. You can also apply at websites such as Pay Per Post, and get paid for blogging about products, websites, or reviews. They are usually very simple posts, and require only about one hundred words or less. Also, on your blog, if you have hobbies, or would like to sell items, you could always post your eBay auctions or items that you may have for sale too.

To earn residual income, create an account at Ehow, and post articles about things you know how to do. As your articles increase, and friends increase, you can begin to earn money every time someone reads your how-to articles at Ehow. Once you reach ten dollars and more, you will get paid for the month.

While the job market on the outside, may seem low, there is always plenty of action going on in cyber-space. Get creative by looking around your house for inspiration, use your education or past job experience for ideas, and it can be possible to begin writing to earn money. If you decide not to make it full time-then it could always be a way to earn extra spending cash. But writing online, will keep you busy, and hopefully some extra cash until the troubled waters subside some.


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