All the Kind Strangers

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“Hidden With Innocence”- Thinking of a tag line of this kind would not appear to be that difficult for anyone who watches this movie. For suspense movie to escape without any negative comments is indeed not easy. You will certainly agree with me when you watch this movie.

All the Kind Strangers is a suspense thriller horror genre movie which was directed by Burt Kennedy. Burt has been really successful in chills in the minds of the viewers with the kind of horror that he presents in this movie. The horror that he has presented is not sick, not even bloody and also no fancy supernatural things. But it is unassuming horror. Horror from behind the innocent faces. And altogether a really different movie.

The story goes on like this-
Stacy Keach who plays the role of Jimmy Wheeler is a journalist-photographer. He does a lot of traveling and finds photo stories. Once he was in one such travel when he met with a small kid carrying a small load of shopping with him. Stacy offered the kid a lift and asked him that he would drop him in his house. The kid led him to his house in a confusing road. When they reached the house, Stacy saw that the kids live in a big mansion. The rain was heavily pouring outside and the kids invited him to that house. There was no way in which he could doubt anything suspicious behind the innocent faces of the children. They had a mother and no father. But something has happened to their earlier father. The children have some fierce dogs and some locker rooms. There was lot more that what is evident.

Unassuming Horror-

The movie takes the viewer by surprise by presenting something that he would not have expected. It presents the kids to be the source of fear. The face of a child is very innocent and harmless. There is in no way you could think of anything evil to be behind that face. This natural belief is exploited by the story in arousing the sense of horror in the minds of the viewers. And the presentation is done very cleverly too. The twists and the turns further swirl minds as the viewer gets exposed to the secrets that are present in the house. At a time it seems that there are secrets everywhere and behind every face. Even for the mother they had had a secret.


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