The Ballad of Andy Crocker

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Hope, faith and expectations are the important ingredients in life that keeps a man going ahead. You work and strive for more because of these things. It is a disaster when you find that the things that you felt were your own are no more yours. And also when you find that the people whom you cared for no longer care for you.

Based on the backdrop of the Vietnam War, this 1969 made for the television movie is a realistic account of a vet who finds it difficult to readjust to the circumstances that has been made in his absence from his civilian life.

This is the story of a vet who got shot in the Vietnam War and award for his bravery. As it would be natural for anyone, he too expected that he would get a hero’s welcome back home. Lee Majors plays the lead in this movie as the role of Andy Crocker. He returns back to find that his girlfriend has married to someone else. He loved her a lot and these days during his stay in Vietnam he has always hoped that on returning home the first thing that he will do is to marry her. This hope had kept him going. Joey Heatherton plays the role of his girlfriend Lisa. He gets depressed but still tries to patch up with her. But, despite all his attempts that idea does not materializes. With that trauma he starts to look for his business, but there is more problem for him on that front too. He gets to know that his business partner has cheated on him. All of these problems devastate him.

The work of Aaron Spelling in directing this movie is really appreciable. There are certainly a few points that I would like to mention. Firstly the title song of the movie has been made the title of the movie. The song plays on in the background and is sung in chorus. That singing has been kept in tune with the series of events that happen in the life of Andy. Then secondly, the movie shows us how the absence of a person makes others live without him. The world waits for no one; it goes on at its own pace. The absence or the presence of some one may have some effect for a day or two but that does not stop anything for eternity. Again on the part of Andy, he faced the days in Vietnam with bravery and that was because he had hope. Hope that his people would be waiting for him. Hope that his beautiful girlfriend would be waiting for him. Hope that his friends will be waiting for him as they did earlier. But not every time everything turns out to be in tune with the expected.


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