Tolerance… The Best Virtue.

Tolerance I feel is the best virtue of the civilized world. There are people who are not like us, they have different ways and also they have different opinions. Their ideals are different so do is their outlook on the life. And this tolerance helps us to put up with these people. The most important thing about “tolerance” is that it helps us to see the other side of the things. It helps us to suffer the fools with patience and also to suffer the fanatics without losing out temper.

Seeing the other side of tolerance we see that there are places around the world where difference in religion leads to prosecution. Places where difference in politics creates bad blood. There are places where non-confirming in social matters leads to ostracism. And most importantly when there is difference in opinions then it leads to blows. This is intolerance. It is the refusal to be just and fair minded. There have been instances when thousands of men and women are gifted with death because of differences in religion. A whole community may even be massacred in the name of God. We live in the modern world but still prosecutions and purges for political opinions have not been banished from the society. And it is my view that all these intolerance comes from narrowness and blind self-conceit. And I can attribute this to only one thing that it is a result of dogmatism. Dogmatism is a belief that there is only one attitude and that attitude is the right one. And at the sane time there is unwillingness to accept all other questions.

So is not it being prudent for us to be tolerant and exhibit it as a mark of education and superior culture.

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