Best 5 ways to make money online with Twitter

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Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where you can stay in touch with your friends, colleagues, top personalities, Gurus in any niche and of course your customers with your Tweets with your Tweets which can carry up to 140 words. But before thinking of making any money with Twitter, you need a big list of subscribers here on Twitter. And if you already don’t have thousands of subscribers sitting in your Twitter account, I would suggest you try Twitter Traffic Machine which is an automatic system to increase thousands of targeted followers in your Twitter account.

No doubt, Twitter is not a quick get rich scheme. Making money with Twitter is similar to making money with Blogging. Added benefit that we have with Twitter is that we don’t need to pay for hosting. All we need is an internet connection and patience to start making money with Twitter. In today’s post I am going to highlight top 5 ways any individual can use to make money online with their Twitter accounts:

1. Direct advertising: there may be some advertisers in your niche who are interested in advertising about their products if you have large number of subscribers on Twitter.
2. Hold contests: there are many advertisers who are willing to hold a contest using a popular Twitter account to reach their targeted audience and to get their feedback and thoughts about their products and services and to create some brand awareness.
3. Doing Paid Reviews: you can do paid review about a particular product you want to sell via Twitter. And if you are in the affiliate marketing niche, you can promote your affiliate products by sending promotion Tweets about the products you want to sell and don’t forget to include your affiliate link in your Tweet and shorten your affiliate link using
4. Twitter Consulting: why don’t try making money with Twitter consulting where you offer to help individuals and companies to utilize Twitter at its best.
5. Affiliate product selling: You can link to any affiliate product in your Tweets and can even promote your own product with Twitter. And when you sell your created product, you will have all profit going in your pocket.


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