Introducing – Shankar Mahadevan….. A Musical Magic.

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How I bought this?
This may appear to be absurd to write about this here. But still I would like to mention. I wanted to buy Shankar’s Breathless. I searched for two to three shops and failed to find that. I could have gone to the city center to get that but I was running out of patience. Then in the nearby store I saw this one. Although this was multilingual and I knew that I could not understand most of the non Hindi songs, but I felt that this album was worth giving a try for the shake of the song “breathless”.

On disc 1 you find the first song is “Breathless”. This song is really a miracle. I would request all those who read this and have not heard this song to hear it. You would not believe your ears. This whole song was sung in a single breath. Well for those who do not understand Hindi, I would like them to hear this one as they can appreciate the effort that Shankar has put into this song. They will certainly like the music, the rhythm and the beats. And they will certainly drop their jaws to hear this song in a single breath.

“Thom Karuvil Irunthom”- this is the second song in the disc and this is from the Tamil movie Star. Well the music of this song was given by none other than A.R.Rehman. This is really a melodious tune and will definitely touch your heart. Then the lyrics of this song were really great “Thom karuvil irunthom,
Kavalai indri kanmudi kidanthom,
Thom tharail vizhunthom,
Vizhunthuvudan kan thukam tholainthm.” After hearing this song these will not leave your lips. The beats were nice and soothing.

Malayala Mannete – To be frank I did not like this song very much. May be I could not connect much with it. But this is that kind of a song that you would like to hear when you are alone. You hear that in haste you miss it. You are not going to like it again.

O Sahibaa!- It is a nice song from the Hindi movie Dil hai tumhara. The song is nice and emotional. It has a light classical tempo. Well I am supposed to write about the song here. But i may add a note that the video of the song is equally beautiful. This song had the lyrics written by Shankar himself along with Javed Akhtar. A sweet song!

OM Mahaprana Deepam is a devotional song from the Telgu language movie named Sri Manjunatha. There has been some nice change of scale in the vocals which can be noticed in this song.

Another beautiful song that is present in this first CD is Baat Meri Suniye to Zara from the movie Kuch Na Kaho. Here Mahalaxmi is his co singer. This song is heart touching and is pictured on Aishwarya Rai and Abhisek Bachhan. One will certainly love to hear this evergreen number.

There is Jung Hai from the movie Little John. This is a different kind of song that one may not like. It was somewhat monotonous and not the kind that you will hear the second time. Yenna Solla Pogirai is another track and the only thing that I will say about it that it is a heavenly experience.

Other good tracks that are present in the first CD are Adi Alenkiliye Alenkiliye, Mohini Balakane, and Maine Ek Khwab Dekha.

In the second CD are also some of the beautiful songs. The best track in this CD is the Deepak Raag. Shankar Mahadevan is at his best in this track. A controlled vocal that is indeed very good to hear. Also there is Aye Fiza from the movie Fiza. I really liked the song. It is a grave romantic song and is indeed charming. Well the video of this song makes this song ever more beautiful as it is filmed on Karishma Kapoor.

Well there are some other beautiful tracks that you will certainly do like and they are Varaaga Nathi, Podava Kattuna, Padippaattu, Vela Vela, Doors of Desire – (with Silk/Louis Banks), Idhu Manmatha Maadham – (with Nithyasree), Mega Dheera – (with S. Janaki), Sain Sain Chali Hawa.

In the end I would like to say that this collection is a master piece and I liked the first CD the most with special reference to the Breathless track. Breathless Shankar!


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