How to Fall Asleep, Break Insomnia

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How to fall asleep is a question we all need to answer at one time or another. Here is a collection of methods used by myself and people I know to get rid of insomnia.

During the day or earlier at night, go for a long walk. Try to walk at least two miles, but three or four miles should be even better.

At bedtime or close to bedtime, eat half of a banana or a whole banana. Fruits that can be substituted are blueberries, cherries, dried Calimyrna figs, or prunes.

Other foods are a peanut butter sandwich, honey roasted peanuts, buttermilk biscuits, or ricotta cheese.

Warm a glass of milk and put a teaspoonful of honey in it. A quick way to warm milk is to pour it into a glass. Then microwave it for 25 seconds. Take it out and stir it. If it needs to be warmer, then microwave it again. Add the honey to the milk after it is warm.

Eat turkey or spaghetti for dinner.

Do not eat croissants at night.

Do not consume foods with caffeine, such as coffee, or chocolate within five hours or less of going to bed.

Do not eat foods that have caused you indigestion or insomnia in the past, especially late in the day.

Wash off creams and lotions from your skin before bedtime.

Read or watch something boring on television.

Breathe in to a count of five. Hold your breath to a count of five. Exhale to a count of five. Repeat several times.

If you have tried everything and still can’t sleep, then go to bed with music playing at low volume.


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