Get a calendar right on your desktop in Windows

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I’ve always wanted a simple little calendar right on my desktop. A calendar showing all the days of the month, and to add an event to a day, I simply want to click that day. Fortunately, there is a piece of software that does exactly this, and better yet, it is free too!

The software is called Rainlendar ( Like I said, it is free, in the lite version. The pro version costs money. But unless you need to do advanced stuff, you’re good to go with the lite version. Rainlendar also supports skins, and even shows a lot of them for free download on their website ( This makes it easy to customize the look of the calendar to fit into the design of your desktop. If you don’t care however, you can of course stick with the original skin, which is pretty clean and minimalistic and should fit in most anywhere.


Rainlendar is highly customizable in many ways, not just the skinning, you can assign hotkeys to different features, and tweak just about any little detail that you might just want to tweak. You can choose to have it pinned on the desktop, or always on top. You can have it in locked position, or make it possible to drag and drop it around like you want to. Possibilities are close to endless.

Best of all, you’ll be a lot less likely to forget stuff that is going on when they are right there on your desktop. And if that’s not enough, you can always tell Rainlendar to have popup-reminders.


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