Make Great Gift for a Big Family

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One idea for gifts are baked goods. Every one loves a good dessert. Why not give them as gifts. Baking some cookies, pies, or cakes can be really easy. Especially with the easy to bake boxes they have at the grocery stores. You can also get some really great recipes from the internet. My family looks forward to my cakes every celebration, and I’m not a baking expert. 

 Another gift idea is making a family video, scrap book, or family tree. Gather some old family pictures. Try to find some funny pictures, great moments shared, childhood pictures, and so on… Get creative when making your family gifts. People enjoy looking back to those good old days. Another idea is to make a picture book on one of those new web site like “”. Gather your pictures and make a memorable book for each family. Tell them how much you really love each and every one of them. One year I had every one in the family write out some, “Why I love you cards” and some, “I’m Thankful for you because” cards for different people in the family. I collected the cards and placed them in my family video. My family was so touched and moved by the whole thing. It was one of the best gifts I ever gave them. It’s been a few years since I did the video, and my family still talk about the video I made for them.

One year I gave each and every one of them something I new would mean a lot to them. To each person there own thing, but inside of the gift was a letter from me. A letter telling them why that gift reminded me of them. The letter also said why I love them. I want my gifts to mean more than something that they will dispose of in a few years. I wanted them to know how much they mean to me every day of our lives.
Having your children make gifts, always means more then any store bought product. People can be really creative when given the chance. Let your family share something truly important, their hearts.


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