Help Families Dealing With Cancer

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Step 1

When one person in the family suffers with cancer, we all suffer from cancer. Dealing with this disease is not something you can do alone. It takes a village to help you get through the tough times or at least family and friends.

Step 2

One of the biggest things you can do for someone suffering with cancer is taking some time to visit with them. Visiting with them can help cheer them up. Let them know how much you care. The thought of Cancer alone can dampen a person spirits. They start to feel like they’ve lost the fight, when really all they need is reassurance of love. Make them smile and laugh. Give them a purpose to get up every day and live a happy life. Laughter and Love is the best medicine.

Step 3

When my mother was suffering from cancer we had a really hard time handling our own lives and that of my mothers. My sisters and I gave up having any form of out side life to help her. We did it for the love of our mother, but I think in the end it was hurting us too. Thank goodness for our family who stepped in from time to time to give us a break from our every day life. Offering some of your own time to give the family a break is a great gift.

Step 4

Cooking food for the family is another great offering. With so many visitors, sometimes the family doesn’t have enough time to cook for everyone or even themselves. Getting together and making a schedule with others, for days you can bring food for the family is just another great way you can help.

Step 5

Some families might not feel comfortable with this next step but you can still offer your services. Offer to help wash the dishes or help clean up around the house if needed. Even picking up after your self, or your child is a big helping step for any body.

Step 6

If they have any pets. Offer to help clean or even taken the pets for a walk. Pets suffer also when the family is in a depression state. Playing with a pet for a few minutes will make ever one happy and it doesn’t take to much of your time.

Step 7

Hospital visits are the worst for families dealing with cancer. They can be in and out of the hospital several times a week. Hospital visits can really wear down a family suffering with cancer. A family member can be there for days with their loved ones. Disregarding their own health. Offer some relief for a few hours.

Step 8

It’s not hard to come up with ways to help a sick family member. Every day to day jobs around the house become difficult for someone dealing with cancer. Help any way you can with yard work, giving the family money for expenses, grocery shopping, taking them out, offering to take them to the hospital, Renting movies for the family, helping them entertain when the family is up to it. You don’t know how big of an impact you can make on that family


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