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There are always so many times, when mind run out of idea and topics about our posts and articles. Sometimes I feel totally blocked when nothing comes in mind. It is a normal thing which happens with most writers I know. But what to do when, one run out of ideas about writing. There are things which I do, to remove drought ness of ideas from my mind.

Read other writers.

I am a person who loves to read and I think that is the reason why I decided to write. When I have no idea and no work to write my next article then I go to other writers and read their work. It gives some doze to my mind and I start getting ideas. I call it inspirations and these inspirations help me in my writings.

Read own work.

Another best thing, which I believe is to read some post from my archive, some times these help me getting idea and if not then I get something which I change in my old posts. This also helps me in getting some traffic on my old posts.

Go out and See things around me.

One of the easiest things one can do is go out and watch, what’s happening around. This is interesting and easy thing to do. Most writers wrote what they noticed around them and I read so many of these writers. This gives article or story a natural feel and normal person can connect him/her with the characters. It makes story or article interesting and encourages reader to spend more time on blog or article.

These are the few things which I love to do, when I need some ideas for my posts or articles.


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