Should you cut off all contact with a person who repeatedly disrespects you?

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Should you cut off all contact with a person who repeatedly disrespects you?

No doubt man is a social animal and he cannot live all alone. He has to necessarily mingle with others. For his necessities man is essentially has to depend upon others. Mans’ relationship may be divided into two categories, his relationship with his family members, his spouse, children, his parents, brothers and sisters, servant maids, if any at his home, etc and his relationship outside his home. Whereas a mans’ relationship outside his home, assuming that he is grown up and now employed, depends upon his nature of his employment, his position that he holds in an organization, his powers in the organization etc.

Since the topic refers to his contact with a person who repeatedly disrespects him, shows that he is employed in an organization in an ordinary position devoid of any powers. Suppose if the person who repeatedly disrespects happens to be a powerful person and his superior, who is empowered to make an entry in his service book, there is no way that as a subordinate he has to essentially make some adjustments with his superior, though he ill-treats him and always remains disrespectful and discourteous towards him. But there is a limit for everything. He should draw a clear-cut line up to which his superior will have a control over him. After all he is a superior to him only in the office and the jurisdiction of his powers to have a control over him only pervades at the office premises that too in the course of his official duties.

Outside his office, his superior has no control over him and he cannot behave with a overbearing attitude towards his subordinate. In other words, once the subordinate steps out of his office, the subordinate as well his superior, are enjoying equal rights and they are both human beings. Hence, the interaction that takes place outside the office premises between the superior and the subordinate should be on equal footing and it should always remain courteous and respectful, in tune with the dignity of labor and the human rights. Suppose if the superior remains discourteous and always disrespectful towards his subordinate, the subordinate need not behave like a subordinate and remain courteous and disrespectful. We can even say that the subordinate need not maintain the same kind of relationship with his superior and he can simply severe it.

In the case of third parties, say a friend, if he repeatedly remains discourteous and disrespectful towards you, since you are not saddled with any kind of burden or obligations towards him, still you can have a open discussion with him and say that you are getting wounded by his disrespectful behavior and even give a reasonable timeframe to mend himself. But even after having a friendly chat with him and after revealing your mind to him, if he continues to behave in the same old manner, you can simply overlook him and there is the use of carrying on the relationship with a person who has thrown all elements of courtesy and friendship into the air?


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