The Needed Specifications of a Secure USB

Utilizing any drive except for a secure USB drive is really asking for trouble these days. The needed specifications for drives if security breaches are to be avoided is just too advanced. A secure USB with the right specifications can keep confidential data of all types secure and safe from thieves and hackers alike. Using any other kind of drive to store or transfer data is simply inviting disaster. The secure USB has the needed specifications to provide a high level of security and protect company files and data. The drives thereby eliminate virtually all risk of unauthorized access and exploitation of data.

The Capabilities of a Secure USB

A secure USB needs to be independent of the operating system where encryption keys are hardware and not software based. A secure USB that is independent greatly reduces the chances of a successful attack. A flash drive which has encryption that is hardware based is proving to be the most secure. SanDisk Enterprise is producing a secure USB with the best known encryption algorithm. Flash drives produced use encryption a 256-bit AES algorithm encryption with strong authenticating passwords. If the drive is stolen drives are locked down after a number of failed passwords attempts denying access to data.

A secure USB needs mandatory access and control of all transferred files through partitioned files.  Anti-malware software for added security against data threats as well. A secure USB is managed through a central control program where drives can be managed, monitored or terminated from a central server if they become subject of a threat or attack. Read, write, transfer rates and encryption specifications are important. A company called SanDisk Enterprise offers an utra-fast and a secure USB with transfer rates of 20MB for writing and 24MB for reading data and features anti-malware also.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Secure USB

Using a secure USB to increase the level of security for the protection of data is an investment in your company’s future. The cost of restoring a security breach can huge once the system has been breached or corrupted. Enhancing security capabilities protects future revenues of the company. Data thefts and attempts to breach security measures continue to increase but the secure USB plays an important role in thwarting these attacks. By providing strong security and control a secure USB with encryption prevents thieves from reading data even if they manage to intercept it in an attempt to access it.

Because a secure USB has the capability to store a large amount of sensitive information it is important that all illegal access be eliminated. Stolen data can force a company to spend a great deal of money to restore their security and trust to an effective level. If an attempt is made to corrupt data a secure USB can detect, quarantine and stop viruses from infecting the central host system. This is performed through the use of anti-malware software which prevents the virus from infecting the whole system. The SanDisk Enterprise secure USB features both strong authentication and anti-virus software.

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