Men and Yoga

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Men and yoga had journeyed together since olden times, right from the time of Rishi munis, when those Hindu religious gurus would reside in mountains meditating day and night.

Man took shelter under the arms of yoga even then, yoga had been the guiding force of celibacy practiced Gurus. Clad in orange clothes, who would sit for days under the tree.

Meditating day and night, they would try their best to come closer to god.

Men and yoga are just inseparable.

Yoga had been a refuge for man; it had provided them an escape route from diseases and mental disintegration.

Men do yoga as a precautionary measure, to shun away those diseases that would harm them, to be fit and agile and fight effects of old age.

Yoga is also said to keep a man’s manly instincts alive. That’s the significance yoga has in a man’s life.

Why men and yoga are so close together?

If you go through the origin of yoga, the religious gurus who invented the ways of doing yoga had put through years of concentrated effort.

They were known as yogis, and earlier yogis gave their best part of their lives to find scientific values in yoga.

The yogis found out, how yoga would benefit mankind, how yoga would cure a particular disease.

The efforts put by those yogis in the ancient times had now turned to our advantage.

You had access to the information of each yoga pose that would be beneficial to cure your disease.

You now have numerous yoga pose that cure ailments on the human body; each of the yoga pose guarantees you of positive effects when done with whole hearted efforts.

That shows how yoga has penetrated deep into the systems of man.

From what I had seen over the years, yoga has the healing powers of treating diseases, such as asthma, gastric disorders, anxiety disorders, stress related problems.

The use of yoga also eradicates weight problems, damaged eyesight had been repaired and there are probably hundreds of other diseases that had been cured by the consistent use of yoga.

Yoga would continue to hold significance in the life of human beings.

Man needs yoga, it has been proved again and again that proper use of yoga is a must for an individual to remain disease free, and survive in this world for a longer stretch of time.

Yoga had definitely gained more prominence in the present times, as individuals need yoga to stabilize their fast paced life and bring much needed serenity in their lives.


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