Implementing an Encrypted Flash Drive for Security

Using anything other then an encrypted flash drive can place your company data at risk to many would be thieves. The information that a company depends on for revenue and profit is desirable to those who would exploit it. Implementing an encrypted flash drive can stop such unauthorized access dead in its tracks and give company owners a level of assurance data is safe from unauthorized users. The encrypted flash drive is a strong defense against hackers and thieves that would expose or perhaps corrupt valuable and sensitive company information.

Encrypted Flash Drive Secures Data

The encrypted flash drive is ideal for medical, financial or sales organizations issuing flash drives to their employees. These units are functional, safe and easy to use and at the same time secure. SanDisk Enterprise produces an encrypted flash drive that is both functional and features an ultra-fast transfer rate of 20MB for writing and 24MB for reading. Files that are transferred are also partitioned in an encrypted flash drive for added security and safety. Companies have found the flash drives with an 8GB capacity to be a good standard for meeting the needs of mobile personnel.

An encrypted flash drive should always be independent from the host operating system to prevent access to unauthorized individuals. Unauthorized access can lead to exposure, viruses and corruption of information. The encrypted flash drive offered by SanDisk Enterprise are independent of their operating system making them more secure. Each effective security feature layers its strength and will reduce breaches. Making an encrypted flash drive with strong authentication the standard for your company produces a more secure system and reduces risks for your company at the same time.

The Need for an Encrypted Flash Drive

An encrypted flash drive is simply the best method to prevent attacks on your data from those inside and outside of your company. Fact is there are those that would stand to gain from unauthorized access. Utilizing an encrypted flash drive will not only prevent attacks on your data from outside the company walls but from employees as well. Yes, the harsh reality is that data is frequently stolen by insiders more then by outsiders. An encrypted flash drive can stop this theft very effectively. Encryption technology will prevent data from being copied to any unauthorized host as well.

An encrypted flash drive is capable of stopping an attack not only to data but also to your company security also. With data crimes on the increase companies should be putting security into proper balance. An encrypted flash drive will provide such a balance. There’s people out there that not only may have taken aim on your confidential data but on your company as well. Sometimes it is not the data they are after it is the corruption of your operating system and the data it contains. An encrypted flash drive will provide the necessary security to stop these kinds of attacks and the damage that can result.

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