Should women who are arrested for prostitution have their names and addresses published in a local newspaper?

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Should women who are arrested for prostitution have their names and addresses published in a local newspaper?

Whether you like it or not, you can see it regularly in a local newspaper in countries like India.The names of the prostitutes who were arrested, their names, photos, their age along with address are frequently published in the local newspapers in the vernacular language. The irony is the heading of the news column would be usually as follows: ‘Beautiful prostitutes arrested!’ along with full details of the place of their arrest, under what circumstances they were arrested etc.

But such news are published only immediately after their arrest. Thereafter, what happened to them, whether they are convicted or released, we don’t know.

In my humble opinion, the details of their trial, how they turned into prostitutes, what was the actual punishment given to them etc should also be published.

I would rather suggest such prostitutes should be subjected to medical examination and the report of their medical examination should also be published. It will help us to know whether they suffer from any sexually transmitted diseases or HIV +.

Such publications would serve as an eye opener to many in the society not to get derailed in their life and become wayward. The true life stories of the prostitutes, particularly how they stumbled upon and became prostitutes will help others to avoid such situations and to become alert in their life, especially the youngsters. However, still there are people who may need prostitutes and they should be cautious and be well informed about the different types of STD and about the various circumstances under which the outbreak of AIDS occurs.

Such detailed publications about the prostitutes are the need of the hour in countries like India and various African countries, where AIDS is spreading like anything rather in an alarming rate. Particularly, the youngsters in the age group of 19 to 25 form the bulk of the population who are afflicted with HIV+ should serve a stern warning to other youngsters who remain wayward.

Again, the publication of the details of the prostitutes and their life stories etc will actually create sympathy for them in the eyes of the people. Since the prostitutes who are suffering from HIV + will no longer useful or serve the cause of their profession, they will become destitute. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that they should be rehabilitated either by the private voluntary organizations or by the government.

The publication of the details of the women who are arrested for prostitution with their full details is necessary and it should be made mandatory in the interest of the hapless prostitutes and the in the interest of the society as well. It should not be considered as publicity stunt but rather as a duty one owes to the society.


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