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Bargain hunters rejoice! Deal a day sites are becoming so popular, sites are popping up that track the daily deal. What a time saver for all of us bargain hunters. I like to save money and I shop ahead of the holiday that might need a gift and place my findings in a gift closet. I shop all year round. These deal a day sites make my gift giving budget stretch so much further. If you just want to check things out or you are in it for the hunt, you might want to make note of some of the following web sites.

Deal of the Day Tracker
Lots of information on this site. Click on the One-a-day site button at the top of the page for an extensive list.

Bargain Jack
A visually appealing site, clean and easily to understand. The images are presented at a good size and the listings are basically image, price and title. Works well for me.

A similar site to Bargain Jack but with a bit the listings have more description of the items. Discussion of items is also included.

Zero Day Deals
Lots of information here. A bit visually over powering but if you are looking for information, you can find it all here. You can change the size of the pictures to alter the appearance to your liking. (larger images work better in my opinion, the page is not so busy)

Today’s DOD
Today’s DOD tracks deal in real time.

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