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I love a good bargain. I don’t really like to shop. So, shopping online is a great solution for me. I enjoy tracking down items and finding the best bargain. I rarely pay retail prices and I love sharing my finds with my friends.

A few pointers before we begin, watch your shipping fees. Many sites have a flat fee and for an inexpensive item, it might not be worth the shipping cost. Another point about shipping fees is that multiples of the same item may not make for smaller shipping fees over all. Just pay attention to the total bill before your finalize your order and you should be fine.

Recently, I have come across a number of websites that offer a daily bargain. I thought I would share them here with you!

Shnoop actually offers two items a day, Yesterday’s deal and Today’s deal. I have ordered from them and I have been happy with my purchases.

While not new to me, this was the first daily deal site I visited. I love the silliness associated with this site and I enjoy reading the comments and forum. Woot truly has a cult following.

I Have to Have That
I recently found this site. And yes, I have already ordered from them. Some prices are insanely low, you never know what you will find.

Sale a Day
I just found this site. I haven’t ordered from them. Unfortunately, the item I heard about had already expired but I will keep visiting to see what might surface in the days to come.

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