Does Coffee and Alcohol Cause Heartburn and Acid Reflux?

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Recent evidence suggests that drinking coffee and alcohol probably does not cause acid reflux. Though there seems to be a link, research indicates that it doesn’t seem to be a causal link.

In other words, if you don’t already have acid reflux or heartburn, coffee and alcohol will not induce these conditions.

However, people who suffer from heartburn are often acutely aware of the effects of coffee, wine or cocktails on their system.  Many acid reflux sufferers have learned to abstain, or use medications to control the painful effects of drinking coffee or alcohol.

Personally, in the past, if I had a cup of coffee in the morning, I would be fine for a few hours, but inevitably I’d have acid reflux later that day. The same is true of alcohol: Later that night or the following morning I would experience heartburn.  Fortunately, that’s no longer a problem (see the link below).

Alcohol and coffee are being promoted in some circles because of surprising health benefits associated with their consumption.  Of course, you probably shouldn’t start drinking these beverages simply for their health benefits — it’s not yet clear whether the benefits outweigh the negative effects, especially where alcohol is concerned.

However, most of us drink alcohol and coffee simply because we enjoy them, and when acid reflux disrupts this, it can be upsetting.  Fortunately, there are solutions besides strictly limited your consumption of coffee and wine.  Personally, I use a harmless acid reducer known as Prelief to drink coffee without heartburn (and alcohol too) — just check out the link below for more info.

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