Some Famous Women Mathematicians

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The field of maths has met some spectacular women power. Here are a few contributions of the “brilliances” who created their mark in this intellectual subject.

Hypatia was the 1st knew women mathematician. She was born in Alexandria, Egypt, about 350 A.D. and was a knew scholar. Besides being a mathematician, she was an shrewd astronomer and a philosopher. She trusted in the hypotheses of Plato and Aristotle. An raging Christian crime syndicate killed her in, either the year 370 A.D. or the year 415 A.D.. There’s still much confusion and argument on the accurate year of her death. Her immortal contributions to the mathematical field, paved the way for unlimited research on many topics. Her great and famous works are as follows:
1. She wrote a comment on the 13th volume of the famous Greek maths text book, “Artihmetica“.
2. She edited Ptolemy’s famous edition of the “Almagest”.
3. She also created a comment on a famous work on Conics by “Apollonius“.

Maria Gaetana Agnesi
A wonder child, an Italian linguist and a mathematics wizard, Maria was a multi-dimensional talent. She was born in a wealthy family in 1718, she was the 21st child of her parents. She had a statement over 6 languages. She’s a famous personality in the field of mathematics. Her contributions :
1. She wrote the 1st book introducing integral and differential calculus.
2. She also wrote ‘Instituzioni analitiche ad uso della gioventu italiana’; a master piece took to be the best extension to Euler’s work.
3. She wrote a treaty, which couldn’t make published, but was greatly admired.
4. She found the equation of a special curve, which came to be known as the “Witch of Agnesi“.

Sophie Germain
Sophie was born in a rich French family, in 1776, the year of the American Revolution. Whatever sort of “brainwork” was took to be unhealthy and unsafe for women in those times. Sophie faced many problems in obtaining her education, due to the social taboos that existed in her high society. Even so, she learned maths and carved a niche for herself in this subject. She’s often known as as “The Revolutionary Mathematician”. Her achievements are as follows:
1. At first, she worked at number theories and gave many an occupying theorems on prime numbers. She even found new identities. Several such numbers are now called as “Sophie Germain primes“.
2. Her work at “Fermat’s Last theorem” was a path-breaking one.
3. She was the 1st woman to serve both “Academie des Science” and an “Institut de France” academic session.


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