Michael Jackson left Father Out of His Will

While both Katherine and Joe Jackson have publicly said that they believe their son died without a valid will, a document reportedly drafted in 2002 is said to divide Michael Jackson’s assets between his mother (Katherine Jackson), his three children and various charities.
Those who counted themselves close to the singer have said that they believe a lawyer for Michael Jackson will submit the will to the Los Angeles Superior Court within days. No will has been presented to the singer’s parents however. Katherine Jackson was granted temporary custody of her grandchildren, Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (who has been often referred to as Blanket). No one seems to know whether or not the will in question contains instructions regarding the custody of Jackson’s three children in the event of his passing.
Evidently, the will names former lawyer John Branca and music executive John McClain as the executors. John Branca (who supposedly drafted the will) was Jackson’s attorney from 1980 – 2006 and has stated that Jackson had rehired him prior to his sudden death last week.
Reportedly Joe Jackson has been left out of the will. This can hardly come as a surprise to anyone who followed the Jackson clan. Several of Michael Jackson’s siblings, as well as Michael himself, had accused the family’s patriarch of physically and emotionally abusing them as children. In fact, many of his children are reportedly still estranged from him. At one time Joe Jackson managed the careers of all of his children but within years, each of his sons left the management company to sign with other managers. Joseph Jackson has admitted to using “physical punishment” with his children.

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