How to install Themes or Visual Styles in Vista?

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Themes developed by third-party rather than Microsoft are not supported in Windows Vista. So there is a little trick to play before you will be able to install new Vista themes.

You have to download and install a free application named VistaGlazz. Click here to download VistaGlazz.

After installing you have to patch your system DLL files. Click here to learn how to use VistaGlazz to patch your system.

After patching is done and your system is rebooted your VistaGlazz window will look like exactly like this.


Now you have to download Themes for Windows Vista. Just Google it and you will find hundreds of websites distributing free vista themes and visual styles. Download any theme or visual style. Copy the visual style folder to “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes”.

Now Right-Click on your desktop. Click Personalization. Click Windows Color and Appearance. Click Open Classic Appearance Properties for More Color. Check out the screen shot below.


Here you will see multiple instances of Windows Aero. Select the proper one and click Apply to make your newly installed visual style working.

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