How smart are you quiz answer

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These are the answer for how smart are you? Quiz


How smart you think you are? (10 is genius and 0 means dumb)

This is just a personality test question, if your answer is 10, you are a very confident person or you might just fool around here. If your answer is 0, you have no self confident at all. Anyway, this question is not related to this quiz, just skip it.

You overtake the last person in a race, you are now in which place?

Are your answers, second last? You are wrong as you can’t overtake the last person since he is already last…..

In an interview, you are asked to choose between two options. First option, answer one hard question and second option, answer 100 simple questions. Which will you choose?

If you choose answer 1 question, then congratulation as this is the correct option as you can just answer anything at that question as he can’t question your answer anymore.

If you choose answer 100 question, you are a person not really that smart….

Do you like this quiz?

Congratulation, if you answer no. If you are really smart, you won’t waste your time doing this quiz.

If your answer is yes, then just continue the quiz…

What are the first questions you see in this test?

If you answer how smart you think you are? You are wrong!

The answer is Do you think that you are smart? (This is the question at the top of the page)

Score yourself and tell your friend to try this quiz to prove that they are not as smart as they think!



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