Tips for Males, Shopping Approaching Christmas

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Shopping Tips for the Male

I am a woman who wants to share some tips with the male population in the run up to Christmas when your other halves will undoubtedly want to go shopping and this will be one occasion which you will have to attend on pain of sacrificing Christmas presents.

Here are a few tips to help you get through the day which we all know you don’t like or understand.

1. Don’t complain when she brings it up. If she thinks you don’t want to go she will generally make sure it lasts longer just to spite you. Think about it this way, the sooner it happens before Christmas the sooner it is over and you will have managed to avoid the mad week before rush.

2. Be prepared. Bring a small backpack with snacks and room to put small bags and items which she will inevitably ask you to carry. In order to save space in the aforementioned backpack take the items out of their own little carrier bags. This way it saves your hands from getting sore.

3. Bring something to distract yourself, such as a music player but make sure it is only playing in one ear. She will want to ask your opinion on certain items and you had better be alert or she will get angry.

4. Don’t just follow her about aimlessly huffing and puffing it is very irritating. Make your own short list of things you might like to buy either for you, friends or for her. If you want to take a break from her frantic shopping persona tell her you are going to get a breath of fresh air and wait for her outside the shop.

5. Relax, don’t get angry or annoyed. It will all be over soon and she will be so happy if you spend this time with her.

Thank you for your time. I hope you take these tips to heart and make the shopping experience at Christmas so much easier.


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