This is an expiriment about key words and how they effect your writing

How to select key words

This article is an experiment about key words and the reason I am writing this article is because I have an idea what key words are but just don’t know the ones that get the most traffic on the internet.

First I have done some research by searching the internet checking out emails and email address and checking out how people or business may be printing pictures also I have researched Hard Drives and Hardware and I have looked at the fine print and picture of a laptop and other laptops

Second I have looked at anti-virus programs and operating systems I have also researched a server and different servers and a keyboard and keyboards then you have software and computer software desktop and backup copy there is also wireless devices and local network and networking. You also have adware and software.

Third I have tried user friendly and environmentally friendly words in my articles. Now like I stated at the beginning of this article this is an experiment about select key words. If this experiment works this article should be loaded with key words that should hopefully give this article plenty of internet traffic.  

I really don’t know what kind of tips to give all you writers on because of what I understand about key words they could be anything that people are typing into their browser to search the internet for information.

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