Cancer Dating Aries Compatibility Astrology – Cancerians and Arians Relationship Match

Aries is an impetuous Fire sign and because he or she is exciting to be with, you are bound to feel certain that this romance is destined to go far. How can you ever find fault with your Arian partner? He or she has so many fun ideas. They love to do things on the spur of the moment and during the early stages of your romance, you’ll be swept of your sensitive Cancerian feet.

Cancer and Aries Compatibility Astrology

Cancer is a loving and caring Sign. You’re normally cautious too but maybe your Arian partner has had rather a strange kind of affect on your equilibrium. Because when with an Arian, you’ll suddenly finding yourself being persuaded into doing all sorts of risky things you wouldn’t normally consider. And then, just when you think you’re having the time of your life, a small risk might backfire on you.

Or you will find that you wake up one morning to realise that you’ve turned your back on all the things you used to value so highly in the past, to make your partner’s priorities, your priorities. And somehow, you don’t get as much satisfaction out of life anymore. That, Cancer, is when you will realise that you are going to have to make an effort to assert yourself more in this romance.

Arians love to take the lead and as much as Cancerians don’t mind being the one to follow, you shouldn’t have to do this all the time. Aim to look for a compromise and be sure that you are getting as much out of this relationship as you are putting into it.

 Cancer Aries as Friends and Lovers

Because you are ruled by the Moon, you are very emotional and it is possible that there will be communication problems when Aries is not as sensitive as you are. Your Arian partner might feel that you get too sentimental and emotional about things that he or she can’t understand and you might sometimes be accused of being ‘changeable’ by your partner.

On the other hand, you might feel that there are certain things in life that your Arian partner does not take seriously enough. You might expect their support with something you feel really strongly about, only to be told to ‘leave it alone’. Arians have too many interests and too many things on the go to show absolute dedication towards the one cause. And you, Cancer, might find this a little frustrating.

Cancer/Aries Relationship Summary

Cancer is a security-conscious sign and above all, you will live in the hope of building up a warm, secure, loving and stable family life. ‘Stability’ is not however, one of the Arian’s favourite words. Arians like change and variety. Of course their home-life is important. But it is not their first priority. Indeed the Arian might sometimes tell you that your changeable moods and clinging ways tend to get a bit irritating.

 You are very security conscious but such things don’t bother your Arian partner. Arians live for the moment and this could sometimes aggravate you. You can’t understand how they can be so impulsive without worry or anxiety. – Maybe you do enough worrying for the both of you! Sometimes you can get on so well, but, you probably both have to admit that there are sides to each other’s natures that you’ll never understand.

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