Leo and Aries Love Compatibility – Leos and Arians Relationship Astrology

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For a Leo, life should be exciting and spontaneous. The last thing you want from romance is a relationship where the two partners are so wrapped up in each other that they shut themselves off from the rest of the world. If you’ve ever had a relationship with a Piscean or a Cancerian, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

You want a partner who will offer excitement and adventure. Someone to share all areas of your life: your hobbies and interests, your friendships and your outdoor activities. Some people don’t get to experience such compatibility in romance but with an Aries partner, you’ve found the person you’ve been searching for all your life.

Leo Aries Compatibility Astrology

Both Aries and Leo are outgoing signs. You will prefer to be out and about, mixing and mingling with others, rather than staying at home. In romance, you will like to feel you can follow your inclinations without a partner who wants to know your every move and your every reason for doing the things that you do. Leo will be happy to give you this personal freedom.

Aries won’t cling to you like glue. Aries loves to be a part of a crowd and in fact, when you’re at a party, a club or a disco, it won’t be easy to keep tabs on where your partner happens to be. But just as long as they leave with you, you’ll be happy!

 Leo Aries Sexual Compatibility

People born under Fire signs are passionate and loving. Both partners will enjoy the physical side of this relationship. It might even be that if you’re counting, you’ll give your Leo ten out of ten for being the most romantic and hottest lover you’ve ever been with. But the good thing is, as I’ve already said, you have so much more in common than that chemical, sexual attraction.

You’re good friends. You give each other advice when it’s ever needed. You enjoy spending each other’s money and you can both be a little impetuous when it comes to enjoying the good things in life.

Leo/Aries Relationship Summary

Now although perhaps your Aries partner isn’t as steadfast as yourself in that, they can easily become distracted when more interesting things come along, on the whole, your relationship should be rather a good one. You are both freedom-loving signs.

You each like to have more than one iron in the fire and although there are times when you do enjoy your home-life, you’d grow bored if you didn’t have something exciting to look forward to every once in a while. Your Aries partner will provide you with this element of exhilaration which will help add spark to your usual routines. As lovers, you know how to please each other.

You’re both very ‘physical’ people and you aren’t shy about demonstrating your affections. You’ll be as adventurous in this area of your life as you are everywhere else. There are so many interests and activities you will enjoy together and this should make for a complementary, contented and probably long-lasting relationship.

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