Virgo and Aries Love Compatibility – Virgoans and Arians Relationship Astrology

You have a cautious and practical nature. You are tidy, neat and methodical. You like to have everything organised and you rarely act without putting a lot of thought into everything you do. Now these are just SOME of your Virgo characteristics and the reason why I’ve chosen these traits in particular is because I’m now going to describe how these are exactly the opposite to the Arian personality.

For the Aries leads a busy, cluttered lifestyle. They rarely plan anything and because a lot of what they do is done on the spur of the moment, they aren’t particularly organised. Aries might be late for meetings and appointments but they don’t feel guilty about it. Other things will have just got in the way. Aries might start the day planning to do one thing, but if something more exciting or more interesting comes along, they’ll think nothing of dropping what they are doing, to grasp this new opportunity. –

That’s the way the Arian lives. And, if you are living with, or thinking about living with an Arian, that’s the way you might see yourself living, in the future.

Virgo Aries Compatibility Astrology

You might find it a challenge to try and change your Arian partner. If you can get your Arian to stop and think about what they’re doing before taking risks, they might get to realise that sometimes, there is sense in what you are suggesting. If you can persuade your partner to finish one of the projects he or she is working on before they start something new, they’ll love the sense of achievement that comes through seeing something finished. And in return, your Aries partner might show you that it can be fun to go places and do things on the spur of the moment.

There’s no harm in leaving dirty dishes standing in the sink for a short while so that you can make the most of the sunshine before it rains. Arians know how to have fun and life with an Arian partner could be very exciting. But because of the differences in your basic natures, you will both need to be willing to work on various compromises.

Virgo/Aries Compatibility as Friends and Lovers

Generally, you find it difficult to understand people who can’t make the effort before they speak and act. And sometimes your Arian partner seems to be too impulsive for his or her own good. As a Virgo, you prefer a routine way of life and you will also organise your finances so that you always have a little nest egg to fall back on whenever or if ever times get rough.

But it can get to be quite annoying when your partner digs into this without your knowledge. You can be quite stubborn and you do have a pretty strong personality. But when you pitch your wits against your Arian partner, you might sometimes wish you could come up with a quick enough answer. Life will never be boring with your Arian, but you will also be kept on your toes ALL of the time!

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