7 Reason Why Small Companies Need Freelance Writers.

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Based on record, in the 48 hours of Monday (March 9, 09) & Tuesday (March10th, 2009), I made close to 90 phone calls in a fresh attempt to promote my practice. What is most memorable for me during that 48 hours is one line a prospect told me: “we’re a small company“.

Defining ‘Small Company’

We’ve all heard of Small-Medium Industries (SMIs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). But what exactly do these terms mean?

Based on the SMI Business Directory published by Tourism Publications, the working definition of SMEs depend on which category they fall under. The following table should illustrate better:-



Small Enterprise

Medium Enterprise

1. Manufacturing, manufacturing-related services & agro-based industries
Sales turnover: Under RM250,000; OR


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