Tips for the Procrastinator Studying for Exams

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Tips on Studying for Exams

When ever I have a test to do or an exam to study for I tend to procrastinate as much as possible before I actually get down to work. Here are some tips for those of you who find it hard to study like me,

1. Find a quiet room. What ever you think about playing music while you study unless it is on low and has no lyrics it is only a hindrance. So turn off your music because it really doesn’t help.

2. Sign out of MSN or any instant messaging service you use. Even with your settings on busy or away you still know who is there to talk to you and there is the temptation to go and chat. Resist the urge and break away from the world for a while. Become unreachable. This leads me onto number 3.

3. Turn off your mobile or leave it on silent in another room. The less accessible you are to your friends the less of a distraction they will be as you try to concentrate.

4. Take breaks. Not too often and only short ones. If you are reading chapters of a text book and it gets to a point when you feel you can no longer take any in, then take a break. Go make a drink of tea or have a snack.

5. Take your dog for a short walk, the fresh air will clear your head and you will be thinking about what you have just learned as you walk. Bring a parent or someone who wants you to study with you and tell them what you have learned so far. This helps to get the information sorted in your own head and proves you know it when you can explain it to others.

6. If you find a subject really hard, take it in small doses. Start with it then when it gets hard take a break and study something you like. Then go back to it. Its not that bad in small chunks.

7. If its an oral exam or a language, say it out loud. This helps you get pronunciation right and differentiate between similar looking words. Try having a conversation with family members in the language. If your family doesn’t understand the language, meet up with 2 of your friends and speak only French, German or which ever language you are learning. This helps with your vocabulary. The easiest way to learn a language is to speak it.

8. If you must use study groups use small ones. A group of three would be maximum. The fourth person increases the chance and likelihood of distraction. Within a group have people who are good at the subjects you are bad at and vice versa so you can help each other.

9. Don’t leave starting study until the last minute. You wont be able to cover all that you need to in order to pass. If you try to cram all your study into one night and “pull an all-nighter” you will be too tired to concentrate for the actual exam the next day.

10. Don’t let the work load overwhelm you. Set yourself tasks for each day and accomplish them. Break your main objective into smaller goals and stick to them. Create a study timetable. It doesn’t have to be embellished with designs, it is better if it is plain.

Finally DON’T PANIC. No matter what exam it is, it is just an exam. Life will still continue after it. If the exam is to get into college, there is almost always a back door. Good Luck. Happy Studying.


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