How to have a great pregnancy

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Be realistic about your pregnancy; do not assume something is going to go wrong. If you think that way then something will go wrong. Everyone has their own experience when you are pregnant, so do expect to go through what your mom, sister or friend went through as pregnancy comes with different symptoms. No matter what someone else tells you about pregnancy, you’re about to begin the most joyous, fun, unbelievable time of your life. This is a funny story; my friend told me that during her pregnancy she urinated a lot, so when I got pregnant, I use to force myself to urinate, as I thought it was part of the normal process of pregnancy.

Be Prepared
Always prepare yourself for what is ahead and everything that you will need to do. Remember to go your doctors’ appointment, and take your vitamins. Also DON”T FORGET” to rub your tummy as it grows with “Palmers cocoa butter” for stretch marks.

Include Daddy in the preparation process as well, as they need to experience the pregnancy with you. If you are register at various classes, take dad a long with you. Even to your doctors’ appointment. It’s a joy to the see the look on daddy’s face for the first sonogram.

Doing stuff together during your pregnancy will help both of you to grow as a couple with the joys of the parenting process.

Have Patience
During your pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes, both emotionally and physically, due to hormone fluctuations. Most mothers to be might have difficulty dealing with the changes in their bodies.

One such change is weight gain which is a normal, as it is needed in order to support the growing life inside your body. Do not get depress over this weight gain, you can continue to do your exercise, such as low impact cardio, yoga and light weight training. Researches as show, those women who exercise during pregnancy are much less likely to have postpartum depression. Exercising also helps the body to regain its shape and lose the weight faster after you have your baby.

Having a happy and stress free environment when you are pregnant is really good for both mom and baby. An expectant couple should provide a unified front in the pregnancy experience. Partners must learn to support each other by listening to your partner’s ideas and negotiate.
Spend time as a couple and nurture your relationship so your child has a solid future ahead.


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