Where Do Free Samples Come From?

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We all love free samples… well at least I know I do. So, why would a company give away a free sample? Where can I find all these free samples? Why is that I need to fill out a long and annoying survey every time I try and get a free sample? If you are curious about the answer to any of these questions, please read on and they will be answered.

To answer the question as to why a company would give you their product for free, even if it an undersized version of their product, free samples are one of the best marketing strategies available to many companies. You might not purchase a product just because of advertising but there aren’t many people out there that wouldn’t take a freebie. When a company comes out with a new product, many times they will give out free samples in order to drive popularity and sales. This is why there are so many free samples out there.

So, where can you find these free samples? The first place you can look is on different manufacturers’ websites. You can usually find a link on the main page to a place where you can get free samples without surveys. I will go over what I mean by “free samples without surveys” later on in the article. Promoting free samples of their new products helps these companies drive traffic to their sites while increasing their sales.

There are many large retailers that will also promote new products with free samples. Walmart has a special section on their website called the Walmart free samples page. They offer free samples without requirements there. You can find many differentree sssamples, from free samples of Prilosec and free samples of Bic Soleil razors to free samples of Rimmel lip gloss. So what do I mean by free samples with no requirements? Basically, you just visit the site, choose any sample you want and choose the address you’d like the sample to be sent to. There are no surveys, purchase requirements, and no need to give out any of you personal information.

When searching for free samples online you may notice many sites that lure you in with promises of free samples or prizes. You will have to give out your personal information, be forced to view cumbersome ads, and fill out long, tedious surveys. These sites are 99% scams and even if you do everything that they ask of you, there is only a slim chance that you will ever get the promised gift.

So if you are a true free sample fan like I am stick to what is safe. When looking for free samples online stay away from scammy illegitimate sites and stick to the source and remember to stick to free samples without surveys.


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