A Michael Jackson Tribute

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An Amazing Artist That Had Great Talent

I remember going to watch Michael Jackson at a concert in Wembley Stadium in England many years ago. It was an amazing concert. Michael Jackson’s talent was like no other artist that I had ever seen on stage.

At Wembley Stadium, we all stood there in awe of Michael Jackson. We watched him closely, because he was so good at surprising us with what he was going to do next. The show was brilliant. He knew what he was doing and how to get the audience to love him. I remember, standing near to the front all those years ago, watching his show and being mesmerized by the way he danced. The colorful sequence of his concert was amazing. Now, he will never be able to have a come back concert in England, which he was planning to do at some stage. It is so sad to hear that he has now passed away.

Michael Jackson’s music videos were very unique and amazing. For instance, ‘thriller’ was like a mini story in itself. Michael Jackson knew how to intrigue his audience and make them want to watch him more and more. He had the gift of knowing what to do when it came to his music career. He knew he had talent and he used it to perfection.

For me, the earliest of his songs were more appealing. The tunes were all very catchy and the videos were very colorful and effective. Michael Jackson was the best.

It was just so sad that he had to go through the horrific events with having to go court, which probably led him to a stressful time in his life that stuck with him far too long. These events can put any person under strain and make life
hard. Especially, for Michael Jackson who was such a huge figure in the music industry. I believed in Michael Jackson and so did all his fans.

Michael Jackson will be remembered for many years to come, for his music and videos will live on forever. His fans will not let him be forgotten!


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