Potential, Potential is the name, VanSanten and Buckley are the game!

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Is One Tree Hill ever going to be the same as we all remember? Well here’s a wake up call. NOPE! Two new characters, I’m sorry, two new MAJOR characters being added to the show in Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton’s (Hilarie Burton) place has sparked a lot of confusion, tension, and joy of several One Tree Hill Fans across the nation. One Tree Hill is technically about two brothers, Lucas and Nathan finding their way through life, reconnecting with each other with their love for basketball and running into challenges throughout their life. I know times have changed but seriously, can the show survive without our beloved characters…hmm, I don’t know.

So as we all know, Shantel VanSanten will be playing Quinn, one of Haley’s (Bethany Joy Galeotti) sisters. Shantel who also stars in The Final Destination will have a lot of shoes to fill because she’ll be a major female character on the show, kinda taking the place of Peyton (Hilarie Burton). Does she have enough potential for One Tree Hill fans to love her, well…I guess we’ll see when the season 7 episode premieres. Oh and does anyone else think that she looks like Danneel Harris?!

Robert Buckley moves to Tree Hill as Nathan’s (James Lafferty) hott basketball coach that could potentially stir up some drama. It’s what we’ll love to see but let’s just say he has some big shoes to fill.

So the writers wouldn’t have gutted two major/main characters if they didn’t think they would make the show better right? Well…again…we’ll see. Several One Tree Hill fans that we talked to explained their joys and concerns about the upcoming season to us and maybe it’ll shine some light on what your opinions are.

“I’m done watching One Tree Hill. Chad and Hilarie are the star characters. Without them, the show will never be the same.”

-Mikaeyla, San Francisco, CA

“To get rid of two main characters is a crazy and risky thing to do. Let’s just hope the writers know what they are doing.”

-Jake, Atlanta, GA

“Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton were my favorite. I don’t think that the new actors will ever know how much Chad and Hilarie will be missed. I hope they can deliver for us million fans out here.”

-Dani, Topeka, KS

Ouch. Some of the comments are entirely true. Some fans are going to stop watching and some are going to watch but eventually loose interest. But, I bet there are some strong fans out there who will love the show no matter what…good luck with that.

Any thoughts?!



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