Critical Eye: Devil May Cry 4

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While thinking about another game I could grind beneath my already bloodied critic machine, I stumbled upon Devil May Cry 4. Granted, it’s not particularly difficult to find flaws in this game, there certainly is more than enough. But after seeing loads of people swearing and generally getting all childish over people pointing out that the game was actually pretty poor, I figured why the hell not.

I’m a fan of Devil May Cry. I loved the first and third games, but avoided the second due to overwhelming evidence to it being crap all around. The fourth game was on my most wanted list of PS3 games after Killzone 2, Endwar and Call of Duty 4. Imagine my disappointment.


This game sets a whole new record in terms of repetitive gameplay. After you reach the halfway mark you switch characters from Nero to Dante. Sure, Dante offers a whole different combat style, multiple ones actually, but was it really necessary to basically have to do everything Nero did, just backwards ? He repeats every level, fights every boss again, just in reverse order. That’s not gameplay, that’s just sheer laziness.

Is it a Movie?

Now, from what I’ve heard MGS4 is even worse in this regard, but DMC4 is still pretty damn bad. It’s got so many cut scenes it seems like the game can’t decide whether it’s a movie or not. I certainly don’t understand why, at certain points, it will show me a cutscene of Nero defeating a boss, then looking over to something on a table. Cutscene ends, I then walk Nero over to the table. A journey of no more than three steps…and another frikkin’ cutscene begins! What the hell is the point?!

Crappy Soundtrack

I know it’s a fairly trivial thing to mock, but the soundtrack in this game is just awful It’s like a pattern or something. DMC & DMC3, best soundtracks I think I’ve ever heard in a game. DMC2 & 4 made my ears bleed. The only bearable pieces of music are the regular Nero battle music and the battle against the armour-demon-knight-thingy. The rest of it made my want to actually stop playing. If a game drives me away with a splitting headache from anything other than the sound of explosions or gunfire I consider it a bad thing. Especially if it’s something you can’t shut off.

The Accelerator Gimmick

That’s really all it is. A gimmick. It sounded great in theory. Let me describe how it’s supposed to work. By charging up Nero’s sword, one can unleash a whole new range of neat attacks and deal more damage. Sounds good. But in my eyes it’s fairly useless. I’ve used it once or twice, but I find that I can get through the game just fine without using it once. Not once.


Ugh, what can I say. I have played worse games, but this is the single biggest disappointment of my gaming life. The only two things it’s got going for it are the combat (as expected of a Devil May Cry game) and the introduction of Nero. Avoid it unless you’re a fan of DMC games. In which case, your money would be better spent buying a second copy of Devil May Cry 3 just to stare at it.


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