How Mark Sanford should move to Argentina

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Mark Sanford, a governor of South Carolina and a man who is receiving a lot of media attention over a recent affair with an Argentina lady named Maria. According to Huffington post, there were also several other names that came up in the process. Mark Sanford is a handsome looking man and a sophisticated looking man, just like what Maria said in her emails. I was just shock to see all of their emails posted on the net. It’s an invasion of an email account holder. I guess people will do anything for a hot story. It was so personal to read those emails and heart breaking for Jenny Sanford. She was torn by this affair. Jenny said that she did everything to keep him from going to see Maria but she failed.

He said he was going to the hike the Apachilian trail and he lied. Everyone knows now that he lied and that he had an affair. Jenny kicked him out of the house after learning that he had an affair and she’s not putting up with it anymore. Mark Sanford really wanted to see Maria even after the media outbreak. He couldn’t stay away from her. Maria sure cast a good spell on him. He is willing to give up his wife, family, career, reputation and future for Maria. This is undying love for one another. I read all of their emails and I thought it was cute and genuine at the same time sinful. They are parent figure who is destroying their children’s faith by having affair with each other. The children won’t look at daddy the same way. Jenny sure looks at him differently. She kicked him out of the house. He continues to want to have an affair with Maria after Jenny found out. I don’t think that Jenny should even try marriage counseling because he didn’t seem like he wanted to work things out. He wanted to be with the other woman. He didn’t say that he will stop. He lied about it.

If Jenny stays with him, she will learn that he will see Maria again and he will lie to her again. They have a bond that you can’t break. They are two adults who are in love with each other. Friends can turn into lovers and we can learn from this one if our husbands have a lot of female friends. Mark Sanford was unethical when he uses tax payer’s money to fly over to Argentina to see the other woman. It was irresponsible and he has to pay that sum back. It was around $8000. That is about two months of wages for anyone. Mark Sanford is a governor and if he can’t control his love just for a moment then he’s no good. He might do the same thing again if he continues to be in office. Who knows what he will come next? He lied just like Bill Clinton did.

He tried really hard to cover it up. A governor of a state ahs a duty to be truthful and ethical because his decision would affect all the people in the state. If he thinks he could get away with it, he will continue to do other things that could hurt the state or his family. He should be entitled to his personal life but because he’s a public figure, he should have an honest or reliable reputation. Would you trust a dishonest doctor? The doctor is entitled to his personal life but he can lie at work if he can lie at home. It’s consistent. If he lies at home, why wouldn’t he lie at work? I think that if Mark Sanford continues to lie or see Maria, people of S. Carolina would not support him anymore. They will look at him differently. He said he wanted to run for presidency. Can’t we really trust him? A man that lied to his family, wife, and children and refused to stop.


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