Why good services really help a business

Services really matter when it comes to a business. Anyone who has ever been to a store or a restaurant knows that service will either keep them away forever or make them come back day to day. It really matters and most business owners know this and that’s why they train their employees to give out the best service possible. The good thing is that most business owner understands this concept but some employees won’t do it and that becomes a problem. There are still some business owners out there who don’t use this method to keep their customers. They know it but somehow failed to use it. I have been a customer like many other people and I’ve noticed that the business owner knows the rules but their employees won’t follow it. This will hurt their business. There are some businesses out there that will provide great service. I have seen it in employees and managers but then there are businesses that failed to use good service. It could be that the managers are not grilling their employees enough or that the owners didn’t have time to review their employees. It can hurt your business.

If you really think about it, it will make sense. Why would a person rather stay at the Venetian hotel but they won’t stay at a motel 6? The Venetian offers great service, nice casino features; buffet, beautiful employees, nice clean rooms, entertainment, the Gondola ride, and all of those things make people want to come back. The motel 6 manager can be rude and the place can be a safety hazard. It could locate in an unsafe zone. The rooms are not well groom. The smell of the rooms is not that pleasant. There are so many reasons to keep people away from motel 6. Why would people preferred to shop at a nice mall instead of a small local store because the mall look nicer and the service is better? They won’t get yell or follow by when they walk around the mall. It’s safer and there is more security. There will be big sales and the employees will greet them with a smile and call them sir or mam. The extra little service really goes along the way.

Why would people avoid a certain restaurant but keep coming back to a certain other ones? It’s because the service is better somewhere else. The food is better and they feel great coming there. If you want to improve your business, you can train your employees to provide great service. If they continue to provide bad service, you will suffer as a business. If you want to know how your company is doing, you can read reviews about your company online. You can ask clients to fill out surveys to see how they are doing. A good business is where the employees and managers provide great service to the clients. I walk into a business once looking for a job and the HR person there was rude to me so I decided to never look for work at that company. She had impaired me from ever wanting to apply for a job there. I get a weird feeling whenever I see that company. The company is really big but the employees are definitely not doing there job right. The rude employee has caused many job seekers to stay away from their company which will hurt the business in one way or another. My brother went to the same company and the first thing he said when he got home was that he will never come back to that company. They were very rude to him as a job seeker. I don’t see any reason why people should be rude to you when you’re seeking a job but they were very rude. The company trusted their employees too much or just ignores their performance, which is wrong. You should always review employee’s performance and things like rudeness will hurt your business. Imagine that 1000 job applicants dislike the company and 1000 applicants refused to come to the casino for fun. They have lost 1000 potential customers.

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