Kids and dysfunctional family don’t go away

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A dysfunctional family can damage a child’s future. The child can grow up with many emotional and mental pain that will disabled them from having a healthy lifestyles. One example is Michael Jackson’s dad. Another example is Oprah Winfrey. I pity Oprah more than Michael because Oprah was a young girl and she was raped and impregnated at a young age. She ran away from home and carried that pain with her all of her life.

A dysfunctional family would destroy a child’s life. They will never grow up healthy or be the same as other kids. There are many unfortunate kids in the world that have very abusive parents and siblings. There are kids that have been bullied by their siblings, step-parents, relatives and it’s not just parents. It will take a child many years to run away from their dysfunctional family. If they young and they don’t have money, they are stuck in an abusive home. They can’t go anywhere because they don’t have money. They have to live in their abusive home until they find a way out. I used to know a lot of abused kids who have to endure their pain because they don’t have money and they can’t support themselves. Once they found a job they moved to another state on the other side of the country.

It’s sad how family can’t give their children a decent life. How hard is it to leave kids alone and how hard is it to refrain from abusive talks? There are people who vow that they will never speak to their family ever again because they were too abusive. Why do people give birth to innocent children and then abuse them? Where is it in any book that says a parent has the power to hit or abuse any time that they like? I lived in an abusive home and I know that abusive people thinks they have all the rights to hit you or abuse you. They are satisfied after they have hit you and you’ve cried day in and day out. They are happy after they call you names. What a life of an abused child? I think that these kinds of parents would get really bad karma once they died. I’m sure God would punish them for their sin. It’s nothing but sin when you abuse an innocent kid. There are children that age not lucky. They get abuses over and over again. The majority of kids out there come from really bad homes.

Why do people give birth to so many children and then abuse them? It must be the biggest sin in life. How can a child do anything in this world when they are abused? They will grow up with permanent scars in their minds. They don’t have the support that they need in order to succeed. I remembered reading about president Clinton and how his father was an alcoholic. President Bill Clinton said that no matter where he was going, he was always in a hurry. Well, he became a president and it must have been really tough for him. He was a really good president too. Maybe he feels like he just couldn’t be like his dad. Children who are from abusive family works really hard to be successful. They don’t want to be like their family. They want to do better. How can they do better if they don’t have a lot of resources to start out with?

I think that the government should build more shelters for kids who are trying to run away from abusive home. Where can they go if they don’t have a place to go to? Instead of putting money in for meaningless games and shows for wealthy people, they should spend money on caring for the abused kids, and women who really need a home. They support people who are billionaire already. Look at Hollywood, the richer get richer and the poor gets poorer. Rich people in Hollywood don’t need another million for their child’s photo. You can save that million to build a shelter for abused kids in every state. You would be more appreciated and watched by more people than paying rich people more money for unimportant things like their affairs stories or how they their bong photo affected them.


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