Why you can’t trust your healthcare provider

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Can you trust your healthcare provider? Would you ever think that your nurse, doctor, or RT is on drugs? It’s not uncommon if they’re on drugs even if it’s prohibited from the state board. I have read numerous stories about nurses who abused drugs, doctors who abused drugs and other healthcare professional who abused drugs or abuse patients on purpose. If you really wanted to learn the truth, you can research it on google and look at the past accounts of healthcare professionals who use drugs. The best way to learn anything is to look at actual cases out there on the News. You would hear it all from the News. You will see what healthcare professionals are capable of. I was intrigued by this topic when I accidently found drugs with a friend of mine who was a healthcare professional. After that I begin to think that I can’t really trust healthcare professionals.

I know that every healthcare professional out there is different but there is a chance that they could be abusing drugs. Does it affect their job? It might if the drugs stay in their system. They might forget their responsibilities at work. They might give you the wrong medication. They might be agitated and abuse you. Since healthcare providers studied a lot about medication and drugs, they would know everything about it. They even have it in their home like some doctors do. Doctors have a lot of pain medications in their home for emergency treatment. They have the power to write prescription for themselves. I knew a doctor once and I saw that some of his medication prescriptions were written by him. If they could write anything, they would also write some stuff that would benefit them. Once you have that kind of power you are tempted to abuse the system.

I used to think that medical professionals are nice and ethical but after I knew a couple of them, I don’t think that way anymore. I met a doctor once and he presented himself really nicely and ethical. Well, it all changed when I found out that he dated one of my friend or co-worker. He lied to her about a lot of things because she was kind of slow. She suffered from something but it made her kind of slow. She’s not your average girl. She was slow. She couldn’t tell when someone lies to her or just wanted to take advantage of her. He told me that he worked in one city and he told her that he worked in another city because she lived near his work. I guess he didn’t want her to come but why would you do that when you’re sleeping with them. He slept with her but I think that he was taking advantage of her than loving her. He forced her into a lot of things and she finally called it quit. He was kind of mean when I talked to him several months later. He was a two faced doctor. If you can take advantage of a slow girl, you can do a lot of other things too. It tells you about their characters. If a doctor had a lot of one night stand, he is also capable of doing other unethical things at work too.

I knew a healthcare professional who used drugs. I accidentally saw it in his car one time. I confronted him and he said that he uses it all the time. He uses it ever since he was in school for his job. He continues to use it even until now. I was shocked that he had the nerve to do it because they do drug test when you apply for a job but I don’t know how he got away with it. It’s costly to do drugs too. He smokes pot basically. I have asked him to stop but I don’t have that power to make him stop. It was just an experience that I had. I knew a healthcare professional who smokes pot. I could affect his job. He could be paranoid, forgetful, high, confused or just plain out of it. He could forget how to do his job well. You should really check on your caregiver. They are not all that nice.


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