How to get rid of a stomach ache

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Stomach ache happens if you eat food that is contaminated with bacteria and viruses. You can get a stomach ache if you eat food that is incompatible with your system like milk for those that are lactose intolerant. There are some people that react to certain food and drinks and they will get a stomach ache even if the food is clean. They have a poor digestive system.

My brother gets a stomach ache regularly despite the kind of food that he eats. He had a genetic inheritance from my dad. He had a poor digestive system. He couldn’t process food like other people. You could have a genetic inheritance form your family that gives you stomach problems repeatedly. Other time it could be from organs problems that can give you a hard time when food is loaded in. For example, if you have intestinal infection or perforation, you might have stomach pain if you eat anymore food. The food could be clean but your stomach is having problems. The organs in your stomach could give you pain.

Usually people get a stomach ache from the food that they eat. They eat food that is cold, contaminated with bacteria and viruses. This is how you would get a stomach ache. If you eat cold food or food not well cooked, you will get a stomach ache. If you eat food from street vendors or from a foreign country, you might get a stomach ache. If you eat food that is not compatible with your system you will get sick. This is why you need to cook all of your food really well in order to avoid bacteria and parasites sticking to your food. All it takes is a little heat to kill it. If you leave food out for hours, bacteria will grow. You should put food in the fridge and don’t put it out in the cold. If you eat food with a dirty hand, you can get a stomach ache. The bacteria in your hand will stick to your food. You can eat food after you have washed your hands. You should also use utensils and napkins to carry your food.

If you do have a stomach ache, you can get rid of it by taking over the counter medication. You can also get rid of it by natural bowel movement. Hot water will help eliminate the problem or even flush out the bacteria. You can drink plenty of water to dilute the bacteria if they are all clumped up. You can see a doctor if it’s more severe than a stomach ache. For example if you are bleeding with a stomach ache, it could be a far more serious problem. You can tell the doctor what happen and they will help you with it. It’s known that some STDs would give you a stomach ache.


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