Why you should take cancer seriously

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Cancer should not be taking lightly. I used to work in a hospital on the children floor and I have seen children who die from cancer. There was nothing that could save them if they were in the late stages. They had chemo and even surgery but it couldn’t help them from cancer. They died eventually. Cancer kills just like Aids. In some cases, you just have to wait until the time that the patient will pass away because it’s terminal cancer and chemo or surgery couldn’t save them. It’s really is vicious. People take it lightly and they smoke and drink but cancer will come to you later on in life. There are unfortunate cases where little children have no chance to survive cancer. I think that doctors do everything in their power to save the patients but it didn’t help. There are patients that would survive if their cancer was in the early stages.

Cancer can be unfortunate things for some children. You can control it if you were adult. Usually adult get cancer from smoking, drinking, and drug uses. If you quit those things then you wont’ get cancer. If you continue then you have no one to blame it on. Adult don’t take care of their health and they end up dying over cancer. They complain when they’re in the hospital bed but it’s too late. I’ve seen many cancer patients who complain and wish that they have good health but they took their health for granted. They ended up in the hospital over their choices. You can choose to stay away from cancer. You can stop smoking, drinking or use illegal drugs. There are things that you can do to prevent cancer but people don’t do it. If you end up with cancer one day and you’re pleading for help, you might regret from the fact that you didn’t stay away from cigarettes, drinking or drugs. It was those common things that people keep doing and it ruin their health.

What happens when you have cancer? You have hundred of thousands dollars in debt. You become a financial burden for your family. You become an emotional burden for your family. You will stay in the hospital for months or years and it’s just not the best life. Yet, I used to see the same story over and over again. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes really do give you cancer. If you don’t believe it you can read about the many stories out there of how people get cancer. We don’t need more cancer patients dying in the hospital. Your family doesn’t need that burden either. One thing that I hate to see is that people think that cancer can’t happen to them. It will happen to you if you keep up your habit.

Cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells and it won’t stop unless you take it out surgically or kill it off with chemo which is two very expensive procedures. You might not have the money for it. The thing about cancer is that it’s deadly. It grows like a virus. You can’t kill it even if you have chemo therapy. It will grow right back. I used to know a kid who was only 13 who died from cancer. He was a friends and a cute little boy. He was sweet and nice but he died. I saw him on his hospital bed but there was nothing that you could do for the patient. I saw him how he was 100 pounds more than his normal weight. He died because his body couldn’t recuperate after surgery. He had his surgery just a bit too late due to the many number of patients out there waiting for them. The cancer grew into his lungs, suffocated him and he died. A cute little fourteen years old and we couldn’t save him. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the fact that his mother was a drinker. I don’t know if she drinks during his pregnancy. It’s a possibility. Cancer is deadly and you should care for your health.


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