How one man grew into a tree with warts

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It was wart growing all over his body and branching into what looks like a tree. He was an Asian man. He said that he had a cut and from then on he had the warts growing endlessly. I looked at the video and it appeared to be a five foot wart that was growing on his hands and feet. It was a site that would scare you from wart and cuts. It was uncommon. You would never see such a thing in the US.

It would be more common in Asia because healthcare is so poor over there. People don’t know what to stay away from. They don’t know anything about bacteria or viruses. They don’t know about infections. They don’t know about Aids or STDs. They literally don’t know a thing about good health. If you ever travel to Asia, you will see it for yourself. They really need to teach people about good health in their school. They need to know about good health. If you teach them they will know what to stay away from at least. How about Aids and STDs? I bet anything that some of the working girls in Asia don’t know how it’s transmitted and how to protect themselves over it. They should have a course in school or college. They should have a program for the locals to learn about HIV and aids and all other healthcare issues. I felt bad for the tree man but it was just bad lucks that he got it. He was abandoned by his wife and he’s lonely.

A physician notices his case and decided to help him. They removed most of these warts but some of them are still growing and they were still very visible. Warts are little nodules in white or gray colors that just grow everywhere and you can get it if you touch it. You might be familiar with genital warts. Genital warts are white nodules that keep on growing. They have medication for warts removal too. This case is probably one of the first in medical history. I think that when he got a cut in his leg, he got infected by warts around him because Asia is full of bacteria, warts and viruses. Even around their home or streets, there will be many bacteria, worms and viruses. The hygiene level is very poor there. They don’t wash their hands or even have soap. Asia is a poor part of the world. They don’t have a lot of things that we have here in the US. I think that he didn’t take care of his open wound and that’s how he got infected. In the US, you can also get the same type of gangrene if you don’t take care of your open cut or wound. If you have contacted virus or bacteria, your open wound would get worse. This story would remind travelers to watch out for health issue when they are in Asia.


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