How to communicate wisely to others

Does it really matter what you say about your friends, co-workers or boss? It really does. Remember how Tom Cruise got fired because he said some offensive stuff to his boss. Yes, you will get consequences for the things that you say to your friends, family, co-workers, and boss. You should be mindful about what you say to them. You don’t think it matters but it does. It really matters. Women could run away form you and never pick up your phone calls ever again. It was the case with me. I never pick up the phone on a man who was abusive with his words. I didn’t pick up the phone. I was terrified over the things that he said. I grew up in a family of stoic men and they are very stoic. They say things that are plain cold and insulting. They have horrible communication skills. They say things that would get them in trouble. I’ve seen how my parents got into trouble at work because they don’t know how to act. They get into fights repeatedly at work.

You have to watch out for the things that you will say. It really matters what you will say. It could make you a successful person or just ruin your chances. I have seen people who know how to talk and then people who don’t know how to talk. Communication skills are so important and especially if you have a business. You want to communicate in a way that would satisfy your customers. You can take the business model for an example. If you are a business, you would say everything that you can to please your guests so that they will continue to do business with you. You would go the extra mile to keep them because without the guests, you would have no business. Most business would do everything that they can in order to keep their clients. They do not yell at their customers, insult their customers, criticize their customers or cal their customer’s name. Why not? Well, customers will never return for the rest of their lives if you do these things.

Imagine that your lover, friend, co-worker, boss or family is your clients, what would you say to them? If they are your clients, you would say everything that you can to keep them right. You wouldn’t yell, scream, call them names or argue with them. You will get no where. Why don’t you try that for a month and see how people would like you more. They would love you. They said that words don’t’ cost a lot so you should use your words wisely. Words can be cruel if it’s with little children. Little children are young and they can take everything you say literally. You want to say nice and sweet things to little kids. They can’t take your harsh language just yet even if you can take it. How about your spouse? They will like you so much more after our choose your words wisely. Your wife would like you so much more if you don’t swear at them or call them names. Who would like these kinds of things in this world? No one likes them; this is why you must choose your words wisely.

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