Why you need to stop eating Sushi

Sushi is not a healthy food anymore after I’ve read several articles on customers getting long tapeworm after eating sushi. One man from Chicago got a 9 foot tape worm after eating fresh fish sushi. He sued the restaurant for $100, 000. The tape worm could have grown to be 25 foot. Imagine a 9 foot worm inside of your body. It’s not a pleasant feeling walking around your town knowing that you have a 9 foot tape worm inside of your body. Another woman from Arizona got a worm inside of her brain that caused her a lot of problems. When you have a worm inside of your brain cells, you can become disabled after the worm eats off your brain cells.

The brain is a center for the whole body function and if a worm is feeding off of it then you will suffer greatly. Imagine walking around with a worm inside of your brain, it’s not a good feeling. The surgery would cost a lot of money too. This one particular woman got it off of her brain via surgery. The story was fascinating because it wasn’t an accident; someone contaminated the food on purpose with feces according to ABC news. The feces were contaminated with the worm and this woman ate it. I think it’s horrendous to have someone contaminate the food with feces. I was hoping that this one lady would go back and see which restaurant it is or home so she could report them. It’s unfortunate that there are some restaurants out there that will be very unsanitary.

If you don’t like the way a restaurant look then you shouldn’t eat there. I was shock to read her story. How could anyone ever do that? They obviously knew how to harm people. I think that raw sushi have the potential for more worms and tapeworms problems. I think that people should not eat sushi even though there are sushi restaurant out there. You can eat the rice sushi but don’t eat raw fish or any other seafood. It doesn’t look healthy. It’s a health hazard to eat raw fish. Chef said that raw sushi have the potential for parasites. All it takes is cooking to kill off the parasites. This is why cooked meat and fish are healthier than raw meat and fish. You should eat more cooked meat than raw meat or fish. If you’re going to eat sushi, you should at least dip it in hot water or kill off the parasite with lemon. Sushi is not the best when it comes to health.

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