Drinking and driving: how a pretty girl turned into a monster

grey_loader.gif Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous things that anyone can do yet people do it over and over again. Every single day there is someone dying from a drunk driver. I saw a lot of videos on youtube about how people died over drunk drivers. You see video after video of people dying over drunk drivers. This is why the law makes it illegal to drink and drive. They really take it seriously. They would arrest you for a DUI right. If you ever drink, you should be a man or a lady and have a designated driver. If you’re too drunk, you can sleep at the party or sleep in your car but if you’re going to drive, you might crash into another car. You might kill someone or yourself. It’s reality but people don’t believe it unless they have been in one. I know that people drink and drive and they won’t plan on stopping any time soon.

I know how bad it is to have friends who drink and drive. These are the young generation of course. Old people might be more responsible. I used to have friends that are in their twenties that drink and drive every weekend. I see them drink at the nightclub and then get on their car and drive away. I don’t think that it’s responsible but they do it anyway. If a cop ever wanted to catch a drunk driver, they can wait about half a mile from a nightclub or a bar and they will catch them. I think that people can drink but they should not drive. However, young people go to the nightclub every weekend and they don’t have friends that will drive them home. They will drink and drive. They won’t have a designated driver. What can you do to make them stop drinking and driving? I think that police are arresting drunk drivers and I think that will stop them from drinking and driving in the future. How about the ones that never got caught? They will continue to drink and drive of course.

If you have young children, you should tell them to have a designated driver. It’s too much to injure another person because you’re not responsible about your drinking habit. How hard is it to get a designated driver or to drink less in public? You reap what you sow and one day you will get a DUI or you will injured someone and you might go to jail for it. People need to be more responsible when it comes to drinking and driving. What will it takes for people to stop drinking and driving? Maybe they should have harsh fine and jail time in order to deter people from drinking and driving.

I saw a touching video on youtube about a lovely girl who was struck by a drunk driver in her car. She went from being a beautiful girl to an unrecognizable face. She lost her hands, face, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. She’s a bald girl covered with skin that was surgically put on to save her from the wound. She looks worst than a figure you would see in a Halloween movie. She looks like an alien, or a refigured person. How would anyone live like this? You can imagine the pain that her family went through. I saw the face of the drunk driver. He was a young male in his late twenties. He looks sorry about the situation and he should be sorry. On top of that he has to pay her medical bills, spend time in jail, and pay for all sorts of lawsuit over a couple of drinks. It’s wise to not drink and drive but you will hear the same stories over and over again and people won’t change.

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