Dear College

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Dear College,

I just want you to know, you have made me see you in a new light. Seeing you once under a bright glowing light on a pedestal, I now see you sitting beneath a dark cloud’s shadows.

By the way, please don’t reply back, you send me letters all the time, trying to persuade me on how I feel about you. But it’s too late now, I have discovered your secret.

College, you ruin others’ lives. Those under your grasp would get drunk and stoned each day, and wake up not knowing where they are and who the other person next to them is every morning. You put loads of stress on people and don’t even help or apologize to those you’ve wronged. And then in the end, those that you’ve wronged feels so hurt by what you’ve done that they decide to fall into a deep sleep forever.

When you’re bored, you toss the others aside and decide to prey on innocent victims: high schoolers. You try to make yourself look well presented and happy and glowing. High schoolers, falling for your false fascade, then try to win you. They would do anything in order to be with you, even if they have to deteriorate themselves for four years with hard work just to prove that they are worthy of being with you. But when judgement day comes, you coldly send many letters of rejection when many are willing to do anything for you. And when you’re done playing with your new toys, you repeat the cycle again and find new toys.

College, you are despicable. If it were not for my parents’ begging for me to be with you, I would definitely not have even bothered trying for you.


Your reluctant follower


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